Car Sun Shade
Car Sun Shade
Car Sun Shade
Car Sun Shade
Car Sun Shade

Car Sun Shade

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This remarkable sunshade is a must-have! 

Protect yourself and your car from direct exposure to UV rays! 

Effective Insulation and UV Protection

Keep the temperature cool inside your car despite exposure to the scorching heat of the sun with this Car Retractable Windshield Cover with a reflective aluminum foil surface. It’s an effective tool that blocks the harmful effects of direct exposure to UV rays to the passengers and the car’s interior. It’s crafted with high-density polyester fabric that blocks 99.5% of the harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the sun’s total solar energy. It’s made with environmentally friendly technology and composed of high-quality materials to ensure total protection. 

Simple & fully functional design

Its retractable design allows you to cover the windshield conveniently when necessary and put it back to its original form easily. It comes with upgraded durable suction cups in four-point fixing that do not easily fall off and can be reused. 

Easy installation and flexibility

You can easily install this sunshade with the help of its strong suction cups and ABS bracket. If the cover is too long for your vehicle, you can just cut it off. Plus, it does not take too much space, and there’s no need to disassemble it after every use. It’s adjustable and suitable for a variety of vehicles like SUVs, vans. trucks, compact cars, and more.

Why suffer from the sun’s scorching heat when you can avoid it? 

Key Features:

  • Well-structured and adjustable design
  • Effective UV Protection
  • Keep the cool temperature inside your car
  • No more faded interior
  • Affordable and durable
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for different vehicles
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Space-saver


  • Dimensions: 70 x 155 cm
  • Materials: High-density polyester, reflective aluminum foil, nylon

How to use:

  • Make sure your windshield and glass are clean.
  • Check if it perfectly matches the size of the glass. If it doesn’t, cut off the excess.
  • Position the suction cups properly and press hard against the glass. 
  • Attach the ABS bracket to complete the installation. 
  • When using, pull the retractable windshield cover to the other side of the glass for sunshade.