Neck Corrector
Neck Corrector
Neck Corrector
Neck Corrector
Neck Corrector
Neck Corrector

Neck Corrector

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Neck pain can be detrimental to health! If you are looking down at your phone too much every day, or in front of a screen for gaming or even at work, chances are you suffer from neck pain, stiff neck, and even headache. Even athletes can suffer from this due to muscle imbalances. 

So whether you are male or female, workaholic or gamer, "homebody" or athlete, our Neck Corrector is a must. Neck Corrector fits comfortably and is suitable for all types of cervical problems.

Why Neck Corrector?

Neck Corrector is not about a temporary fix.

When your next adjusts to our device, muscles memory will form so that even when it's taken of, your neck will naturally adjust to it's newer and healthier curve. The Lightweight but firm ABS material is way better than other soft material transaction device. Which provides stable axial support, forming an effective support force!

It fully stretches all 7 cervical vertebrae, correcting the distorted neck spine which causes unhealthy neck problems.

Additionally, our Adjustable Neck Corrector not only helps to restore your healthy neck curve, but it's also amazing for relieving immediate neck pain. Play painlessly, work  painlessly and be healthier!

Recumbent surface traction is the most popular traction method in clinical practice. Most people with neck pain, headache, hand numbness, dizziness, and spinal disc problems have received this method of rehabilitation.

Why not just use a typical Neck Pillow?

A typical neck pillow is good if you don't already feel pain on your neck. However, if your neck already has a problem, the best neck pillow won't help. As they are not designed to correct an already-distorted cervical spine. 

Integrating Chinese and Western medicine, after 3 years of clinical research and measurements of normal cervical curvature by X-ray imaging, we've developed this traction pillow that actually fixes and restores the cervical curvature.




Type: Neck correcting pillow

Material: ABS

Size: 23x14x9.5cm


  • 1 x Neck Corrector