Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

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Specially shaped by in-house ergonomists, Neck Pillow its natural curve to release is designed to gently cradle the head and stretch the neck, allowing the neck to maintain pressure and enhance healthy alignment for a relaxing sleeping experience.

Shaped by In-house Ergonomist to align for proper support.

  1. Concaved head basin 
  2. Raised side sleeper face support 
  3. Arched neck pressure relief cushion
  4. Sloped neck alignment ramp
  5. Curved shoulder cushion

Comfy, supportive, and keeps you cool.

Conforming support

proprietary HYPERFOAM, gel-infused dynamic rebounding memory foam conforms to the natural curve of your head and neck for a pressure-relieving sleep experience night after night.

Breathable and soft

Purposely chosen mesh inner layer circulates air out and away, while extra breathable organic cotton cover sleeps cool for natural, ultra-soft comfort.